Quake's pop.lmp Easter Egg


Hey, so I was browsing the source code to Quake and noticed something neat about the way Quake is activated! Quake's common functions source file contains the way that the engine verifies whether it is registered. Here is around line 1009, for the curious...

Posted on Saturday, February 02 2019

Check In

Well, not much to say at the moment. It's been quiet lately, but I think that is the new normal for me. However, in my newfound solitary time, I've been busy with some small projects to keep my mind sharp and to pass the time. I started up Resident Evil 4, a classic I haven't played in years. It turns out that, while I don't think I'm as adept at it as I was in my younger years, I'm still smarter than the AI, thankfully.

Posted on Monday, July 02 2018


Everyting needs an intro!

I guess it has been some years since I have had a website up. It's difficult when you want to share but the thought of communicating your message imperfectly scares you so much that you never say anything at all. I think that is why the site has been down for so long. I just recently got out of the hospital and, while I have been home for a week, it is difficult to adjust.

Posted on Sunday, June 17 2018

My NeXTStation Turbo Color


Without further adieu, here is my NeXTStation Turbo Color!

The Machine

Here it is in all its glory with a 13w3 adapter to use a VGA monitor. Let's check out some specs, shall we?

Posted on Saturday, January 25 2014